Stain & Spot Removal

Stain & Spot Removal

If wine, ink, coffee, or another substance has created a reminder on your carpet of some accident in your past, Langenwalter Carpet Cleaning’s professional stain and spot removal specialists are standing by to take care of any accidents that occur.

We find the stain and remove it from the bottom up.

There are thousands of products on the market that claim to rid your home of stains on your carpet. Most of these products are ineffective against older or more stubborn stains (blood, juice, etc) because they only take care of the problem at the surface. We can even dramatically reduce the deepest staining around high-traffic areas and children’s play rooms.

Here is a sampling of some of the carpet spots that we come across on a daily basis. Langenwalter’s carpet stain removal technicians are trained in removing these and many more carpet spots.:

  • Bleach spots Bleach spots are caused by many different chemicals. Including bleach, mildew cleaners, strong shampoo and spot cleaners.
  • Rust Spots Rust is usually caused when metal that is touching the carpet is exposed to water. This can be caused by metal furniture, fish tanks, water heaters.
  • Red Spots Red spots are caused by a number of different household items. Generally food or drink related.
  • Dark Spots Many situations can cause permanent dark stains. Garden soil, grease, food, pet, etc.
  • Furniture Stains Stains caused by furniture can be corrected. Many times a spilled drink will drain down a furniture leg and cause a spot.
  • Food Stains Many foods can cause spots. Ketchup, mustard, green vegetables, wine, cooking grease, etc.
  • Sunfading Sunfading can be caused by direct or indirect sunlight. The color can be restored to make the fading unnoticeable.
  • Pet Spots Animal urine, feces and vomit can cause spots.
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