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If you’ve got young children or energetic pets, it’s difficult to maintain a clean house. Don’t worry – Langenwalter Carpet Cleaning in Martinsville has your back. We offer carpet cleaning services to homeowners in Martinsville, Bloomington, Mooresville, Camby, Monrovia, Beech Grove, Greenwood, Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. When your toddler tips over their sippy cup or the dog soils your rug, you can count on our expert carpet cleaning team.

We use family and pet-friendly cleaning agents to scrub away dirt and grime. Spend more time with your loved ones and less time picking up after them. We’ve got your carpets covered.

We provide services that include the following:

  • Pet Spots and Odor Treatment Pets can cause damage to carpets that affect the color. Urine and fecal deposits even when cleaned up can cause discoloration. The residue will slowly work on the color and lighten or remove the original carpet color. In addition a small urine spot on top of a carpet can be 5-10 times the size below the carpet and in the pad. It’s important to handle the deposits under the carpet by removing the padding, clean and treat the sub floor and replace the padding. Then the discoloration can be treated and the missing color replaced.
  • Spot Removal Some stains are particularly aggravating owing to their persistence. A glass of Merlot will create a seemingly permanent stain whenever it is dropped on the carpet. If wine, ink, coffee, or another substance has created a reminder on your carpet of some accident in your past, Langenwalters Carpet Cleaning’s professional stain and spot removal specialists are standing by to take care of any accidents that occur.
  • Upholstery Cleaning   You made due with that old stained couch for years, finally saving up enough money to buy the couch of your dreams. There it sits in all its newly upholstered glory, when little Suzy comes running around the corner, holding a glass of red punch and then BAM! Your sofa now has instantly become modern art. We utilize the best techniques in the industry for dry or wet upholstery cleaning. Whether you need deep upholstery cleaning or regular maintenance, Langenwalter in Martinsville will help keep your upholstery clean and looking new. We provide excellent customer service and results that keep our customers coming back to us again and again.
  • Carpet Dyeing Whether restoring original color after removing stains from bleach, pets, blood, rust, burns or grease, or revitalizing faded color, or changing color completely, the proven Langenwalter method involves a unique hot liquid dye process which ensures that color is permanent and uniform. Our expert technicians use only our proprietary Langenwalter dye formulas, know to be technologically superior to all others. That’s why we are headquarters for Carpet Color Correction® Our dyes are remarkably strong, clear coloring agents precisely engineered to give new life and amazing vibrancy to all types of carpeting. The color application is as permanent as the color applied at the carpet mill.
  • Professional Rug Cleaning When you have Langenwalter carpet cleaning in Martinsville clean your area rug, we’ll apply the same attention to detail in cleaning we would apply to any carpeting or upholstered furniture that we are called upon to take care of regularly. Whether your area rug is an ancient and cherished heirloom or a new beauty that has had a recent accident, we will have it as good as new in no time.
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