Carpet Dyeing

Carpet Dyeing

 We do not dye whole carpets, just areas that have lost the color based upon bleach or other cleaners

Whether restoring original color after removing stains from bleach, pets, blood, rust, burns or grease, or revitalizing faded color, the proven Langenwalter method involves a unique hot liquid dye process which ensures that color is permanent and uniform. Our expert technicians use only our proprietary Langenwalter dye formulas, know to be technologically superior to all others. That’s why we are headquarters for Carpet Color Correction® Our dyes are remarkably strong, clear coloring agents precisely engineered to give new life and amazing vibrancy to all types of carpeting. The color application is as permanent as the color applied at the carpet mill.

Carpet dyeing by Langenwalter carpet dyeing restores the affected are of your carpet without the extra costs of total carpet replacement

Over time, dyeing your carpet will actually cost you less because you will not need to replace the carpet sooner than you believed.  There are customers reporting dyeing saved them 20 to 80 percent the cost of a carpet replacement.  They almost died learning that.  (Sorry, could not resist.) There are some limits on what we can do, but we are always happy to come to you and provide you with a free quote on the carpet dyeing process.

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