Emergency Water Extraction

Emergency Water Extraction

If you are someone you know has experienced water damage in their home or business, it is important to call us immediately. The faster the water disaster cleanup, the more likely Langenwalters Emergency Water Extraction will be able to successfully restore their property.

With Water Remediation, Timing is Everything

Water can quickly seep into every crack and crevice of your home and all of its assemblies, creating small saturation pockets that can degrade the integrity of your structure and possessions. Damage may present itself later in warping, discoloration, splitting, crumbling, mustiness and mold. These can lead to serious ill-effects on the health of your family, customers and employees if they are not properly cleaned up.

Experts on Emergency Water Restoration

Our experienced team possesses the technical know-how to handle whatever water remediation needs you may have.  We utilize the most effective drying equipment in the industry to perform complete water extraction. Every technician is a fully certified, IICRC-trained professional who will assess each water damage situation individually and determine the best course of action based on IICRC S-500 Standards.

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